Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New York Fashion Week Hangover: Part Three

I know that I should probably just stop with my reviews of New York Fashion Week when it's already Milan Fashion Week, but guess what? This is my blog so I can do whatever I want to do with it. I can take it out for lunch if I want. I can hide it underneath your bed if I want. I can even take it for a walk if I want to. With that being said, let's talk about the remains of NYFW before moving on to the London Fashion Week that ended a week ago or something.

When it comes to celebrity-designed labels, my brilliant instinct always leads me into thinking that it's really a design team that did all the work behind the collections and celebrity X slams his/her name onto everything. Bam! No work involved. Just another way to earn some extra cash so celebrity X can sit on his/her ass all day and waste money on things like a $34,000 backpack. Because you really need a $34,000 backpack. And I'm positive that you feel the same way too. So when I first heard about Victoria Beckham launching her own label, I thought it was just another attempt to commercialize herself into brand and to stop being recognize as a former-Spice Girl. After a few seasons, I have to admit that I was wrong. Victoria's designs are like a mixture of Raf Simmons for Jil Sander(so long, Raf) and Calvin Klein, except it's.. Victoria Beckham. And structured dresses with minor decorations. sharp coats and knee-high socks paired with boots.

Ever since I know how to walk and talk, I worship Donna Karan. Not just because she's a brilliant human being, but because she has this way of working with fabrics and turning it into something magical. Take, for instance, the fall 2012 collection because I'm so not doing the New York Fashion Week reviews right now. I found it extremely women-empowering and I approve this collection. After all, how can you not fall in love with a collection that has things like top hats and tuxedo-inspired dresses.

Apparently, designers decided that doing florals for fall is the next big thing. Like Nusardel(because I have no friends) said, maybe it's just irony... or is it? After all, Mary Katrantzou had been doing floral prints for quite a while and designers just all decided to jump on the "florals for fall" bandwagon since they don't have any good ideas and think they can get away with doing florals for fall love to experiment. Regardless of the whole florals debate, I really like the Preen collection because it's loads better than the spring 2012 collection and it has pretty shoes. Having pretty shoes is always a good excuse to like something.

I know you're having a "Florals? Groundbreaking." right now, but I'm just in love with Suno's print-blocking assembles. You know, putting together zillion prints while making it tasteful at the same time? Apparently, designers thing that not only do they need to do print-blocking for two seasons, but they would also mix in florals. But what I really like is the progression of the collection, from cheerful, almost-summery prints to darker, more somber ones. Almost like a fairy tale minus the fairies.

photo source: vogue


  1. I never thought of Victoria Beckham as Jil Sander + cK but that seems like a really great way to describe it! I'm not a fan of her collection but I like both Jil and cK.

    1. I'm just in love with the minimalistic/military-inspired vibes, that's all ^.^ Calvin Klein is one of my favourite brands/designers, ever.

  2. Great post, loved it!


  3. I always fall subject to the "fuck it, this is my blog and I'll do what I want" mentality. It really is the only way to not lose your mind, in my opinion. The last looks by Mary Katrantzou are great.


    1. Right? If you spend too much time pleasing others you'll never be happy. And I'm definitely blogging about the Mary Katrantzou collection ~