Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yes, That Jacket's Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela. Where do we even begin. Okay, let's start with this. All, all the way back in the 90's when Maison was first established — it wasn't all that well—known (I mean, it's still not very famous, or rolling on everyone's tongue nowadays but excuse me what about the Internet). The designs were avant-garde and the tailoring impeccable — just search through threads on thefashionspot to see what I mean. Martin Margiela could have easily make a celebrity out of his design career, but he didn't. He's a designer's designer. Nothing much is known about him, as he always stayed behind the scenes, and there's only one sacred picture of him. When he sold his house to Diesel in 2002, things just aren't the same anymore. After being name-dropped in numerous raps, Maison Martin Margiela is now having its own collaboration with H&M , whose best known for its various designer stints ranging from Donatella to Rei herself to the Karl. The Maison, once belonged to a man who was — and probably still is — so against the worshiping of fashion house has teamed up with H&M. Nbd, no hypocrisy there.

If I am any good with words and have a bit of motivation I would have churned out a military article to this one on Business of Fashion about the integrity to designer collaboration. But since I have none, lol. The collaboration isn't all that surprising, etc, etc, since Diesel is going broke when it comes to Maison Martin Margiela. Depict it's cult following, it's just not all that profitable. I'm sure that you already have read an enough amount of deep thoughtful articles to keep you in the know(at least, until the next bi-thing collab) so I'm not going to go all in depth and bore you with my inability to form sentences that are not run-on.

The collection consists of designs for both women and men, and the accessories are pretty unisex in my opinion. To be honest, I'm surprise that they didn't go all the way out and make a kids or pet section, but some of the stuff in the accessories department look chic enough to double as a necklace and a collar. Just kidding. You should consult your salespeople first, because I don't want you to blame it all on me if your dog/cat/chimpanzee die or something. Anyway, most of the designs are re-editions of some of the most iconic or recognizable pieces, so if you always wanted that sweater from s/s 03, now it's the time. But bring your football helmet.

One thing to keep in mind is that these designs are all compromises between the Maison and H&M, and not just one of them. If the quality is not as good as you hope for, or something like that, just remember that the piece is not just Maison Martin Margiela or H&M, but both.

The icing of the cake are definitely the coats, no arguments. The white duvet coat looks chic, and it can also be your mattress. Great bargain, or what? There are also other oversize options that look fit enough to stuff children in there without being charged with neglect and abuse. They would probably be snatch up by people who had slept out since midnight, but c’est la vie! If you don’t want to spend $300+ on a coat that you would probably only wear once (let’s be honest — some part in you only want it so you can shove it in people’s faces) that’s okay too. What about your own Olsen twins, bag lady-chic garbage bag horizontal dress? Or darted sweater and oversize jeans that make you look like a confused mannequin? The menswear department has its perks as well if you know what you want, but don’t go for the suit pieces because that’s just stupid.

If the coats are the icing on top of this collaboration, then what would the accessories be? Sprinkles? Chocolate chips? Take your pick. The wand wrapper clutch.. well, it's a candy wrapper clutch. To make sure you've heard read understand me, CANDY WRAPPER CLUTCH. No big deal, it's just a bamf candy wrapper clutch. Candy wrapper clutch aside (never stop), there's also some glove clutches and upside-down shoulder bags that have a touch of Schiaparelli's surrealism. Shoe-hat, remember? Mixed in with chokers and watch-chain belts, you're pretty much set for life. The wedged boots and pumps, with their clear Lucite heels are the perfect mix of understated and attention-seeking. All that aside, CANDY WRAPPER CLUTCH. Also, how long do you bet it will take before you see something similar popping up at a Zara near you?


  1. eep. I really love those pieces! And I think It's amazing that "normal" people can afford it, but I just don't like H&M. Even the collabs always look like H&M...
    But just, this one doesn't. HOW AWESOME! I need to get this bra top.... (:

  2. I really love the clothes, wish I had the money to buy them all!

  3. I like the idea behind the collaboration but at the end of the day you are paying a shitload of money for H&M quality. Yes, it is Margiela design but still. Quality trumps design but not in the case of the price point... I believe the blanket coat is around $400?? Really?? I can get a real blanket for $50.. Just sayin. If the price point would have been a bit lower, things would have been more fair.

  4. definitely. H&M colab is probably the furthest point from Martins vision of future when he started...that aside, I'm thankful to H&M giving us, mere mortals, a chance to own some of those iconic items!