Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vogue Italia Is So Expensive!

The Gentlewoman is the sort of magazine who appeals to everyone, no matter your aesthetics. With interviews with smart, intelligent women to editorials that mixes timeless pieces and sharp tailoring, this biannual is captivating and I always try to get my fingerless gloved-hand on an issue. This issue is no exception. The cover photograph of Angela Lansbury, photographed by Terry Richardson, just blows my heart away. Not because of you, Terry, calm your ego. She just looks so youthful and majestic that I'll be seriously disappointed if I'm nothing like her in 20 years-time. Filed under: Goals. Another editorial features a woman dressed in sharp suits and hugging trees, appropriately titled "Huggers"; Kay Barron, in addition, talks about the current state of sameness in fashion.

MAGAZINE: The Gentlewoman N°6
FEATURING: tree huggers, Angela Lansbury, Lara Stone, Michelle Dockery, Kay Barron

MAGAZINE: Vogue Italia October 2012
WHAT'S SPECIAL: Tim Walker x Kristen McMenamy, Fan Bing Bing, Meghan Collison, Stella Tennant at the countryside
After his recent "Story Teller" exhibit at Somerset House, there's no questioning that Tim Walker is a superb photographer and (wait for it) story teller. Oh wow. I wonder where I pull that one from. Walker, in this issue of Vogue Italia, collaborated with Vogue Italia once again after their phenomenon "Dame of Thrones" in W, September 2012. In true mime fashion, with a touch of violet, this could never have work without both Tim and Kristen together. And then there's Meghan Collison, whom I'm totally obsessed with at the moment, on the cover. I'm not a big fan of the obviously-Photoshopped underwater effect, but it's quirky and makes you uncomfortable, just like any other Vogue Italia cover. The cover might be C-, but the cover editorial that follows deserve all the awards. Spoiler alert: there's a lot of plastic, laying on the floor and black clothes with out-of-proportions silhouettes.

Self-Service oftentimes has the best covers around the newsstands, because they feel very natural and not deliberately trying to grab your attention. This time, however, is just not one of those times. Charlotte Casiraghi's face, though definitely very beautiful, is blown up and the overall feeling is just very gross. There's nothing aesthetically appealing or groundbreaking ("Oh! Facial features!"), so I'll just leave it at that. Don't let this false-start fool you though, since this is actually a really good issue. One editorial, featuring the likes of Karlie Kloss, Daphne Groeneveld, Constance Jablonski and Hilary Rhoda, is magnificent and styled to a dominatrix-chic vibe. See also, Lara Stone being the modern-day Brigette Bardot she is, making you cry with her leather jackets and smoky eye makeup. Alternative title for this post: Why Is Self-Service So Darn Good! And Expensive!
MAGAZINE: Self-Service N°37
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mario Sorrenti, Alasdair McLellan and Venetia Scott


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